My daughter was admitted to hospital as a newborn due to failure to thrive. As a consequence of eating difficulties her motor skills were under developed as she lacked strength and stability. In particular her core muscles were not strong. After researching options we joined Gymbaroo in Williamstown. Eight months later her motor skills are now advanced for her age. I am confident in saying that the team at Gymbaroo had a major impact on my daughter's improvement. Thanks all!

Amber - Williamstown

Babyroo is one of the highlights of my daughter\'s (and my) week! It is obvious Di, our teacher, genuinely loves taking the class - she is always smiling, she interacts so well with the little bubs, and she provides fantastic instructions and information for the parents. I would particularly recommend Babyroo for first-time parents who are wanting ideas on age-appropriate, safe, developmental activities for their children. Thank you so much Gymbaroo Williamstown, and especially Di and Anne-Maree - you are both superstars!

Anna - Spotswood

I am so glad that I found out about Gymbaroo so early in my sons life! I never realised that it was safe to tip him upside down or how important tummy time activities are in his development. My son just loves the dance we do each week, and it is great exercise for me also! Our teacher is fantastic, and gives us so much information each week and activities to practise at home. I can\'t recommend Gymbaroo enough to other parents.

Sally - Yarraville

My little girl is only two and a half months old and she is already showing the benefits of attending Gymbaroo Williamstown. Nat is an excellent instructor, she's knowledgeable and caring, and I look forward to my little girl developing all her skills there until she's ready for primary school!

Lauren - Altona

My 2 and half year old little boy absolutely loves his Williamstown Gymbaroo class. After only one term, he is showing more confidence to attempt new equipment at the park, he sings and dances to Gymbaroo songs at home and loves when we doing cutting and pasting into his book to reinforce the weeks theme. A great weekly learning experience - thanks Gymbaroo!

Lia - Altona

Nothing gets my son to eat his breakfast or get out of the house faster than the word "Gymbaroo"! So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the tireless effort in making every class so enjoyable!

Natasha - Point Cook

We just love Gymbaroo and are now back attending with child #2. Thank you Nat for such an enjoyable class each Saturday morning!

Nicole - Newport

My daugther love gymbaroo she started when she was 5 weeks only, now she is 4 months and she is already sitting by herself. Compare to lots of babies she is very advance for her age. She is a very confident baby and she loves the action.

Paulina - Altona North

My 18 month old daughter has been enjoying Gymbaroo for over a year and I have really seen her personality develop from the classes. The Williamstown centre is well-operated by friendly staff. I have learnt many things as a parent that I\'ve been able to implement at home. My daughter loves Gymbaroo and I would highly recommend Williamstown Gymbaroo to families.

Rebecca - Altona Meadows

My 2 and a half year old son absolutely LOVES Gymbaroo! He was reluctant to run and jump and climb. After one term of Gymbaroo I've noticed such a change in my son's gross motor development. I love how the children have to sit and listen to the teacher and get up and do things in front of their peers. Fabulous preparation for preschool! My son loves the songs and his visualisation book. He can read the words without the pictures! Bec is a fabulous teacher and Anne-Maree a wonderful assistant. I can't recommend Gymbaroo highly enough. Thank you so very much Gymbaroo Williamstown!

Dani - Wyndham Vale